Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 is the new version of Google Analytics coming out of beta in 2022. It represents a generational shift from the previous version of Universal Analytics / GA3. UA's underlying concepts were more than a decade old and they no longer serve well in today’s world with cross-device user behavior, increased privacy focus, tracking prevention, etc.


In GA4 both the underlying data model, many capabilities, and the UI are completely new and prepared for a cookie-less world - your company should get ready for that too. Moving to GA4 is one of the first steps on that path.


With the announcement of ending Universal Analytics in July 2023 by Google*, this move is even more essential and strategic nowadays. You can read some of the most relevant details about GA4 features below. Our team is also here to guide you via the implementation process.


Should we make the transition to GA4?
The short answer is simply: yes, you should start the process as soon as possible!
We can help you with the guidance to reduce your internal necessary resources and support your team with a smooth transition.

One of the best practice is to have concurrently the old UA tracking available and new GA4 tracking already implemented. At this moment you can begin to adopt GA4 for the use cases where GA4 has the features necessary - your team will gradually shift to the new data model, new UI etc.

During the process, we also recommend that you audit the current analytics setup (what custom reports, MarTech integrations, segments, custom dimensions, etc) you use and these map into GA4 equivalents. Also, use this opportunity to consider the future analytics + data collection + usage landscape in your organization due to changes in privacy, compliance, changing business needs etc - some areas may no longer be relevant, others may need a new approach.

GA4/UA Dual tagging
Full migration to GA4

Once GA4 has all the features that you need for your business, you can switch to GA4 fully. For many businesses, the features currently available already cover what they need and in this case, we can help with the insight and would recommend switching at the end of the day to get all the benefits of GA4.